Three people work in a garden over the title Fee'dem Freedom

What We Do

Feed’em Freedom Foundation takes a holistic approach to creating just and sustainable food systems


We train farmers to build their own agribusinesses


We provide nutritious, low or no-cost produce to low-income Portlanders


We work in harmony with nature, improving soil health as we farm


We provide a living wage to the young farmers that work with us


Pie chart representing that only 6% of Oregon farmers are BIPOC; Forest scene next to statistic that BIPOC farms are on average 10-49 acres compared to 400+ acres across all farms
Black Oregonians are almost six times more likely than white Oregonians to suffer from food insecurity. 2 of every 5 Black Oregonians lack consistent access to food due to poverty, employment-related issues, and poor access to healthy foods and resources.


Feed’em Freedom Foundation grows out of the work of Mudbone Farm, a Black-owned small farm enterprise in the business of growing and celebrating culturally-specific ancestral foods, value- added products, and food hubs for historically absent or barriered communities. 

Beginning in January 2021, our educational, workforce development, and advocacy programs moved from Mudbone Grown to Feed’em Freedom Foundation to provide both the agricultural business and the critical educational and community programming the containers they need to grow and thrive.